TransmetriQ, A Railinc Brand Named Recipient of 2023 Top Software & Tech Award. This award spotlights the top software and technology solutions in the supply chain space. 

TransmetriQ – a Railinc Brand has been selected as a finalist for the NC TECH Awards in the manufacturing and supply chain category.

Rail visibility for intermodal containers differs from railcars. Read this blog to learn why, how and how you can achieve better intermodal visibility.

TransmetriQ adds new maintenance planning and shop locator tools to its Asset Manager offering designed to uniquely consider fleet location, current status and most importantly user-defined requirements to identify the optimal time and place for repair and maintenance.

TransmetriQ's Reporting & Analytics tool features customizable, interactive dashboards and configurable alerts designed to simplify and improve railcar fleet management and repair.

Cycle time reports help shippers wanting to assess days in transit, dwell time at a destination and ultimately, customer location performance.

Do you know what rail visibility is or where it comes from? Real-time “track and trace” and “supply chain visibility” are terms you hear every day, but do you know what they mean? Better yet, do you know how to implement those practices in your supply chain?

TransmetriQ has been recognized as a Top 100 Logistics Provider for 2023 by Inbound Logistics for our Rail Management System (RMS). Our RMS is a new TMS built specifically for rail that helps simplify and optimize the shipment process.

Accurate visibility of inbound empty railcars is critical for shippers. TransmetriQ - a Railinc brand, has been able to help shippers both large and small overcome the challenge of empty railcar visibility in several different ways.