Bills of Lading
Guided BOL Creation


Creating a bill of lading requires much information — origin and destination SPLC codes, shipment parties, STCCs and more. This information can take time to collect and its accuracy is crucial. With eBOL, RMS assists you in entering and submitting required information, enabling you to create and send valid shipping instructions, quickly.

Direct Integration to Railinc Data Ensures BOL Accuracy

  • Import the correct bill of lading information directly from embedded Industry Reference Files (IRFs) and the Rail Service Finder, including parties to shipment, route information, and more.
  • Access to embedded Railinc systems without leaving the RMS interface saves time gathering BOL data and ensures accuracy.

Automate EDI 404 Messages

  • After BOL submission, RMS automatically generates and sends an EDI 404 message to the designated carrier, eliminating manual work for your team.
  • TransmetriQ RMS is connected directly to railroads
Shipping Patterns
Reusable Shipment Templates


With thousands of shipments to manage, efficiency is critical for shippers. RMS eBOL allows you to create reusable templates for similar shipments that can be used to quickly generate BOLs.


Shipment patterns include designations for:

  • commodity
  • origin road
  • origin city
  • origin state

RMS Shipping patterns interface screenshot