Ramp Operators
Eliminate Repetitive Billing Tasks


CarLogix Pool Billing provides a user friendly Multi-Level Pool Billing (MLPB) system that ensures easy, accurate billing.

With automatic entry validation and submission to the MLPB data exchange, your team will streamline billing and ensure
industry rule compliance.

Streamline Reporting & Billing

  • Save time spent entering pre-trip inspections and other common repairs with the quick entry interface
  • Enter repairs for multiple cars in one step
  • Reduce the time needed for invoicing at end of month with automated invoice accuracy validations, file generation, and submission to MLPB data exchange

Easily Maintain Custom Pricing

CarLogix provides an easy to maintain custom pricing model that calculates both labor and material costs using the time allowed for a repair and inventory items used.


Auto Rack Owners
Easy MLPB Management


By managing repairs you're billed for and providing visibility into maintenance, CarLogix makes managing auto rack maintenance easy. 

Automate Billing Management

CarLogix simplifies managing auto rack maintenance. CarLogix saves your team time by automatically downloading and delivering accounts payable files from the MLPB data exchange. With both summary and detailed reports, CarLogix helps you keep track of your maintenance spend and analyze optimization opportunities.