Rail Equipment Owners
Control wheelset repairs & reduce maintenance cost


Roughly half of maintenance spending goes to wheelsets, yet traditionally, equipment owners have little control over wheelset repairs. Without an accurate understanding of when a replacement is needed, unplanned repairs are likely to result. Wheelset Intelligence employs the latest AI and Machine Learning technologies to provide that needed estimate of remaining useful life.

Wheelset intelligence gives you the opportunity to: 

  • Maximize equipment mileage 

  • Minimize maintenance interruptions 

  • And reduce maintenance spend 

Gain Control Over Repairs

  • Identify wheelsets likely to need replacement before they reach condemnable status, giving you the opportunity to route equipment to a preferred shop
  • By routing equipment to your preferred shop, owners are more likely to have the choice between turned or new wheelsets and more options for maintenance scheduling


Maximize Mileage without Risk of Interruption

  • By understanding how likely a wheelset is to fail within a specific range of miles, you can comfortably utilize your equipment with low risk of incurring unexpected repairs
Repair Shops
Strengthen service offerings


Trained on data from millions of wheelset lifecycles and leveraging the latest AI and machine learning, TransmetriQ’s Wheelset Intelligence accurately predicts wheelset remaining useful life.

With Wheelset Intelligence analyses, you'll be able to help your customers make informed decisions and optimize their maintenance planning.

Identify Wheelsets at an Elevated Risk of Needing Replacement

  • Identify contracted equipment with no current actionable alerts that are at elevated probability of reaching condemnable status soon

Improve Service Offerings

  • Work with car owners to schedule maintenance for wheelsets identified at elevated probability of reaching condemnable status