Managing a fleet requires full operational visibility and constant analysis. With TransmetriQ's fleet insights, you'll be able to identify opportunities to minimize downtime and ownership costs. 

Equipment Characteristics
Easily Analyze Fleet Characteristics


Equipment Characteristics Reporting provides periodic snapshots of your equipment characteristics and updates when characteristics changes occur.

Easy Insight Access 

  • As an easy-to-use report delivered by email or FTP, Equipment Characteristics reports are designed to provide insights without requiring integration to industry systems
  • Equipment Characteristics is a less expensive alternative to many equipment data analyses, making it a perfect option for equipment owners who need a high-level understanding of their fleet's characteristics
Speed and Mileage
Reduce Equipment Taxes


Because rail equipment owners face high property tax valuations in some states, ensuring your tax rate is based on an accurate mileage and speed estimates often results in significantly reduced taxes.

TransmetriQ's Speed & Mileage analyses give you the data you need to support discussions with taxing authorities and lower property taxes. In some states, proving mileage and speed can lower equipment-related property taxes by up to 80%.

Equipment Mileage Reporting

  • Summarized equipment accumulated mileage by a flexible set of data elements, including time, state/province, and more.

Speed Study Analyses

  • Summarized equipment velocity within a specified state and time period
  • Easy report access via email
Cycle and Dwell Times
Equipment Cycle Insights


Using comprehensive movement data, Cycle and Dwell Time Reporting provides insights that enable you to identify problem areas and better plan operations. 

Consistent & Accurate Reporting

Using comprehensive industry movement data, Cycle and Dwell Time Reporting provides:

  • Average destination dwell days
  • Total trip days
  • Average cycle days
  • And more