Component Performance Analysis
Simplify Component Approvals


The reporting and inspection requirements for newly introduced rail equipment components can be challenging to navigate. TransmetriQ's Conditionally Approved Component Mileage and analysis services were designed to simplify these processes for component manufacturers. Our reports can not only help you manage the day-to-day component tracking, but can also provide performance insights that enable you to better inform discussions with AAR committees. 

Service Life and Mileage Reporting

  • TransmetriQ summarizes service life and mileage accumulated by conditionally approved components
  • Up-to-date and accurate reporting can help support committee discussions

Component Monitoring and Capture

  • Utilizing our unique relationship with many industry parties through Railinc, we can help identify the equipment with which your components are associated
  • TransmetriQ can also assist with facilitating component capture for inspection
Remaining Useful Component Life
Using Predictive Analytics to Reduce Maintenance Costs


Determining the right time to replace a wheelset is complex. Equipment owners must balance keeping equipment in good health with ensuring they do not replace a wheelset too early, losing useful life. Leveraging the best visibility into component life across the North American fleet and using AI and advanced data science, Remaining Useful Component Life Analyses predict the optimal time to replace a wheelset and reduce your business' repair costs. 

Reduce Repair Costs

  • Proactively change wheelsets without giving up excessive amounts of component life
  • Improve repair cost forecasting and budgeting by controlling repair activity

Increase Equipment Availability

  • Increase equipment availability and reliability by keeping cars out of railroad repair shops