RMS: The TMS built for shippers, by rail experts

Shipping by rail should be simpler — no jumping from system to system or exporting hundreds of rows of data to excel. We worked with shippers like you to develop a single-source system that has everything you need to manage your rail shipments in one place.

Customized, One-Stop Rail Management
RMS dashboard


All of Your Shipping Needs in One Place

RMS is your one-stop shop for rail operations. With real-time visibility, electronic bill of lading capabilities and analytics all in one platform, you can eliminate the inefficient use of multiple systems to manage your shipping operations.

RMS puts control at your fingertips. As a fully customizable system, RMS enables you to choose which modules and reports work for your business and build a custom system that fits your needs.

RMS Features:

  • Near real-time visibility
  • Improved shipment ETAs
  • Enhanced shipment history
  • Alerting & exception management
  • User-configurable dashboards with create your own insight capabilities
  • Map visualization of shipments
  • Artificial intelligence and machine learning powered analytics and insights
Advanced ETA Accuracy

Leveraging Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to Improve ETA

Everything from weather to the railroads’ operational planning has the potential to affect a rail shipment’s ETA. Currently, many ETAs fail to account for the variety of possible operating conditions, including service days, differences in train types, consistent delay trends and more, leaving customers with a less-than-optimal ETA. 

Using AI and machine learning, RailSight Advanced ETA trains models using origin-destination pairs and delivers an ETA that accounts for complex operating practices. With RailSight Advanced ETA, you'll be able to provide a more accurate estimated time of arrival to your customers.

Enable Precise Inventory Planning

  • Reduce the risk of missed delivery with a more accurate ETA
  • More time to adjust to delayed arrivals and reroute other products


Streamline Operations

  • Better plan yard operations with the ability to calculate a more accurate last free day
  • Eliminate the domino effect of unexpected supply chain delays
Built by the industry's trusted data source

Powered by Railinc

TransmetriQ is powered by Railinc, a freight rail company at the forefront of the industry with over 20 years of experience in innovating how technology and rail interact. 

Leveraging Railinc's access to the largest repository of rail data available, TransmetriQ RMS provides the insight shippers need to better manage their rail operations.

TransmetriQ RMS provides: 

  • Single-source access to more than 600 railroads
  • High quality, near real-time data protected by Railinc's trusted secure data access policy
  • Insights developed by a team with more than two decades of rail experience
Railinc logo on computer with red overlay



RMS is simple and user friendly. Because it leverages all of the railroad data directly from Railinc, it is more reliable than other systems.

The visual dashboards are unique, easy to set up, and provide quick information on a customer's fleet.