Why Do Business with Us?

  • We're transportation experts: TransmetriQ isn't just a software company. Our team includes transportation experts, user experience designers, data scientists, critical thinkers and more. We're boots on the ground with our customers, visiting sites and observing business operations. This enables us to understand the transportation challenges our customers need to solve and deploy solutions that do just that. 


  • Solutions that fit your business: We know one size doesn't fit all, so our solutions are flexible in both setup and implementation. We also offer consulting and custom solutions.


  • We're powered by the industry leader in secure rail data: As a business unit of Railinc, TransmetriQ products and services abide by the same high standards. Railinc is the proven industry leader in secure rail data for over 30 years. 


  • We're committed to helping business that keep the North American economy moving: The freight industry keeps North American consumers supplied and economies afloat. We’re committed to enabling our freight partners to fulfill their essential mission.