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The TransmetriQ team is composed of a variety of experienced software developers, transportation industry experts, UX designers, data scientists and more. Our diverse team enables us to create solutions that employ high-quality data, create an optimal user experience, and provide business-oriented transportation insights. 

Our Advantage: Powered by Railinc

Powered by Railinc, our team works closely with our colleagues in other Railinc departments. This association enables us to leverage not only a wealth of industry experts, but also Railinc's expanse of industry data.  


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Mika Majapuro, Vice President, TransmetriQ Product Management

TransmetriQ is led by Mika Majapuro, an experienced technology executive with over 15 years of experience in product management and corporate strategy. Prior to leading TransmetriQ, Majapuro was in various product management roles working on telematics, IOT, and cyber security solutions.

Under Majapuro's leadership, the TransmetriQ organization has evolved from being a data provider to a leading provider of transportation insights and hosted software solutions. 

Majapuro is passionate about developing next-generation solutions and is always seeking ways to employ new technologies for business optimization. Majapuro has a master's degree from the Helsinki School of Economics and has completed several advanced courses from Harvard and MIT.

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Danny Dever, Product Manager, Rail Management System (RMS)

With over 20 years of experience in the transportation industry, Dever has intimate knowledge of what it takes to to create successful transportation businesses. As the RMS product manager, Dever helps deliver rail supply chain visibility and insights to shippers, third parties, railroads, and more. 

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Robin McFalls, Product Manager, CarLogix

McFalls is the product manager for CarLogix maintenance optimization solutions. McFalls has developed repair management applications for railroads and other companies for over twenty years and is an expert in railcar repair billing and software development.

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Gregg Phillips, Product Manager, Asset Manager

Specializing in programming and data analysis, Phillips is the product manager for TransmetriQ Asset Manager. Phillips combines his knowledge of the transportation industry with cutting-edge technology to source and distill insights from industry data. 

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Ward Proctor, Director of Business Solutions

Proctor is an experienced transportation industry professional with extensive experience evaluating customer needs and delivering effective solutions. Proctor was recently recognized as a 2021 Pro to Know by Supply & Demand Chain Executive magazine. 

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Jeremiah Smith, Sr. UX Designer

As a user experience designer, Smith ensures TransmetriQ products are intuitive, useful and usable. Utilizing deep understanding of customer needs, Smith designs the look, feel and function of every aspect of a customer's interaction with TransmetriQ products.

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Matt Walker, Manager, Solutions Engineering

Walker leads a high performing team responsible for researching and developing approaches that address each customer's unique business needs. With a decade of experience in the rail industry, Walker brings a wealth of expertise in both transportation and technical knowledge.

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